Polo Navarro – Cargill Foodservice

//Polo Navarro – Cargill Foodservice

Polo Navarro – Cargill Foodservice

It was great spending some time with all of you last week. I was very impressed with the amount of respect that the distributors and operators have for each of you.

I was very impressed with the respect that Sysco Spokane has for you. Linda and Dave see the value that you bring to table and know that they will have support out on the streets. We have some good opportunities to grow with them; especially with Pork. I look forward to working together with that.

We’ll keep at it with Ameristar. It will be a long road, but I hope to get something done with them some day. Those guys do respect you and your relationship with them will be important.
I am excited with our future with FSA. Garry really likes you and trusts you. This will be a big year for our relationship with FSA. We’ll continue to search for opportunities with them.
Keep me updated on sliced beef opportunity with Empire.

URM sees you as one of them. Great work at starting something here. We have a couple patty codes going and it was great seeing you in action; getting a sale booked at the operator level and all. I feel we have a good opportunity with the cooked beef products. Let’s get the product info from Cash and Carry and go from there.
Let me know what you need for Doyle’s.

Thanks again guys,

Polo Navarro | Divisional Sales Leader
Cargill Foodservice – North America