JG Neil & Co Industry Insights: May 2017  

//JG Neil & Co Industry Insights: May 2017  

JG Neil & Co Industry Insights: May 2017  


Taking the time to keep up with industry news and sector insights is difficult.  Our JG Neil & Co ‘Industry Insights’ summary includes a snapshot of significant developments, changes and highlights affecting the restaurant industry both nationally and in the Pacific North West.  We have summarized the key news from top influential channels so that you don’t have to!

1. McDonald’s will serve fresh beef in 2018

McDonald’s Corp., in one of its biggest shifts in cooking procedures in years, said on Thursday that it would serve fresh beef Quarter Pounders, cooked to order, nationwide by mid-2018.

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2. Parental Leave Has a Promising Future in Fast Food

Leaders like Yum! Brands and Starbucks are paving the way for a more progressive future.  As some quick-service companies look for ways to stand out from the competition and offer better work incentives for their employees, an important issue is paid parental leave. With such a high turnover in the sector, this seems like the ideal time for companies to address the issue, which can boost employee morale and improve worker retention if handled well.

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3. Why Mobile Should Be Your Secret Weapon

Around 80 percent of the U.S. population use mobile devices to make everyday tasks easier. This includes dining out.  Whether it’s to text, tweet, photograph, email or check in, around 80 percent of the U.S. population use mobile devices to make everyday tasks easier. Simply put, mobile rules. As a channel, it represents a huge opportunity for the quick-service industry. Not only to improve the overall guest experience but also drive results that matter to operators.

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4. Suggested gratuities inch up to an 18-percent minimum

A 15-percent tip has traditionally been standard, but recent reports show that’s changing

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5. University to scrap many unhealthy menu items

Rutgers University at New Brunswick in New Jersey is revamping its food offerings to include more healthy menu items, nj.com reports.

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6. Fast Casual Makes its Dinner Push

Fast casual 2.0 chains are going after the evening daypart with an arsenal of plated meals, craft beverages, and linger-worthy ambiance.  Fast casuals are trying to capture consumer interest in their second-biggest daypart—dinner—by relying on elevated service, upscale environments, and higher-quality food and beverage offerings.

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7. Restaurants get creative in their efforts to reduce food waste

Diners leave about 17 percent of meals uneaten on average, and 55 percent of potential leftovers are not taken home. A single restaurant can produce about 25,000 to 75,000 pounds of food waste a year, the USDA estimates, and food waste comprises about half of a restaurant’s waste stream.

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8. Take advantage of a seller’s market

Restaurant companies are capturing historically high prices – 2017 is turning out to be the year of restaurant acquisitions.

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9. Happy hour pays off for bar operators, data finds

Designated drink specials boost transactions and revenue.

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10. How Mindful Eating is Driving Quick Service

More limited-service chains are focusing on mindfulness as a way to meet consumer demand for health.  This is not just about a healthy diet. It’s awareness of your impact on life, from the atmosphere of your restaurant to all of the little things that make the eating experience not just a fulfillment.”

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11. Restaurants Stir Daytime Sales with Low-Booze Cocktails

Low-alcohol drink programs don’t have to be a buzzkill. With more consumers looking for healthful alternatives as well as a longer social experience from restaurants, these low-proof drinks are being treated much like session beers, allowing diners to consume multiple cocktails over the course of a meal, including potentially during daytime hours. Here’s a glimpse at how (and why) several operators are presenting low-alcohol libations.

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12. Three Unconventional Places to Find Food Service Talent

At a recent industry conference, one FSD said the usual pipeline for food service workers have dried up because of increased competition; as a result, more operators might be feeling the squeeze.  Rather than searching around in vain, consider these non-traditional sources for quality candidates.

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