JG Neil & Co Industry Insights: July 2017

//JG Neil & Co Industry Insights: July 2017

JG Neil & Co Industry Insights: July 2017


Taking the time to keep up with industry news and sector insights is difficult.  Our JG Neil & Co ‘Industry Insights’ summary includes a snapshot of significant developments, changes and highlights affecting the restaurant industry both nationally and in the Pacific North West.  We have summarized the key news from top influential channels so that you don’t have to!

1. How Restaurants Can Offer Delivery—And Make Money

Using third-party logistics services is the answer to offering delivery without eating up margins. Click here for the full story: https://goo.gl/Ui7If9

2. What are restaurants doing to solve labor problems?

Operators share their solutions here with Restaurant Hospitality magazine.  Click here for the full story: https://goo.gl/7oHoUy

 3. Casual dining finds a ray of light: Takeout

Casual-dining chains finally have a solution to the decade-long problem of fewer customers dining at their restaurants.  While many chains have been hoping to increase their to-go orders for years, technology is making these efforts easier. And by adding delivery, they’re throwing their considerable weight behind one of the biggest restaurant industry trends in years.   Click here for the full story: https://goo.gl/2GGC2z

4. McDonald’s expands delivery to more than 1,000 locations

McDonald’s Corp. has stated that it has expanded its McDelivery program through UberEats to several new markets including Los Angeles, Chicago, Phoenix and Columbus, Ohio.  Click here for the full story: https://goo.gl/zERQeb

5. Six mistakes to avoid when implementing digital ordering

Implementing digital ordering may seem like an overwhelming task, full of complexities, but it could have one of the greatest impacts on long-term revenue for your business. Just imagine the impact on your restaurant if you could take existing off-site sales and double or triple them without adding more seats.  Click here for the full story: https://goo.gl/tx0Ym8

6. Questions restaurants should ask ‘order-ahead vendors’

Mobile ordering takes significant time and effort as well as a dedication to changing your operations, training, and other internal adjustments.  Click here for the full story: https://goo.gl/2O8g8x

7. As labor costs hit hard, operators look for answers

Companies push technology and retention efforts, but higher pay still wins with employees.  Click here for the full story: https://goo.gl/XKOJYx

8. What Gen Z restaurant consumers want

Technology, quality food and service, and ambience are key for the next generation after Millennials.  With about 80 million members, mostly in their teens, Gen Z is on the cusp of being the restaurant industry’s major consumer market.  Click here for the full story: https://goo.gl/hpF9mQ

9. Why the biggest brands are all in on digital ordering

Consumer demand for convenience boosts mobile apps, kiosk tech at the major quick serves. For those limited-service brands that don’t yet have mobile ordering, consider three words of advice from Nike: Just do it.  Click here for the full story: https://goo.gl/Wql2yO

10. Three tech trends in training

Training younger, tech-savvy workers requires keeping up with the latest tech-based education tools, said Donna Herbel, vice president of training and culture development at Perkins & Marie Callender’s LLC at an NRA Session.   Click here for the full story: https://goo.gl/iagMSB